Fantastic Four


The Movie Fantastic Four was a big hit attracting fans from all over the world and across the social divide. The movie is among the bestselling production Marvel studios has done. Playtech was tasked to bring the movie to online slot lovers and fans and oh boy, they did it in style.

Playtech has brought to life the characters of Fantastic Four in this slot. It was first launched in 2007 and within the first year, it had already become a hit among slot lovers and + of Marvel. Fantastic Four allows fans to be part of the fight against Doctor Doom with incredible chances of winning big. Players get a firsthand role to save the world while having adventurous roams across the planet.

Fantastic Four is a 5 reels and 50 pay lines Playtech powered slot. However, the earlier version featured 25 pay lines. Both games feature massive bonus rounds and huge payouts with or without progressive jackpots. The outstanding features of the two versions are:

  • Multiple pay lines
  • Huge Marvel Progressive Jackpots
  • Massive paying Wild symbol- up to 10,000 times your bet
  • Fantastic Four free games bonus

The game includes the best Playtech can offer. Playtech is known for their high gaming graphics and surround sounds they have on video slots. Fantastic Four is not an exception. It features near real life game imagery, wild animations and movie trailers.

The game gives fans endless customization options. Fans can add or reduce the volume of game sounds and toggle between full screen and split screen. The game features a fast spin option for players who want the maximum number of spins in the shortest time possible. Players can also activate auto-play feature if they need to play under a budget.