Hot and Cold Pokie Machines?

Played around the clock with dreams of striking it rich or just enjoying the entertainment of the pokies itself. So what exactly is it about pokies in Australia that are so alluring? It could have something to do with the large payout, which is approximately 91% while all machines by law have to payout a minimum of 87%. The casinos have built up around the success of pokies which are impressive on a worldwide scale.

Gamblers over the years have been somewhat cynical about pokies and how winning is nearly impossible. Truth being that no casino or establishment can rig the payout percentage, how much the payout is or the frequency of jackpots. The manufacturer of the machine holds the power with the chip that is within the pokies. If a facility were to change the chip, they would have to fill out forms that would need to be approved by a governing body. This is a sure fire way to ensure that pokies remains legitimate and completely random.

Australians actually have more pokies machines available than the US with a vast amount of options for the player. It is widespread and constantly grows in popularity throughout the nation. It doesn’t take long to get familiar with pokies and once they have figured it out, they want to try and try again. There are a lot of games with a variety of themes available so players never get bored. If there weren’t enough options, there’s also the various options for jackpots available. There are a myriad of bonus features as well as different amount of money to be won.

Perhaps it’s more superstition than logical but some people still think there are hot and cold machines. For example, if a pokie machine has paid out a big win recently they assume it will be awhile before it pays again. Is this truth or fiction? It’s actually not true, the random number generator could mean that the next spin is a jackpot. Also, a large win is a matter of perception. One person may consider $30 to be a great payout while other are not satisfied until they hit a larger number. A pokie pitfall that players fall into is thinking the game they’re playing is due for a big payout. A game is never actually due to payout as it’s all random. What it’s more about is spinning reels in the precise moment need to generate the proper formation of symbols.

Quite simply, pokies doesn’t have a formula, it is about having fun with the potential of winning it big. Easy money is always a bonus, especially in Australia where players are not taxed. It is considered a hobby by definition of the government. It’s actually the casinos that pay the taxes so players are free to enjoy and win. Pokies have a high payout and the chip is the boss which should ease the mind of players. If a player is meant to win, they’ll win.