Popular Australian Pokies


Playing online pokies has, over recent years become a hugely popular pastime in Australia and when it comes to choosing which online pokie to play we are spoilt for choice. Most of the Australian online casinos have a vast selection of online games to choose from, sometimes offering over 200 different games from table games to video poker however the majority of choice will always be the most popular segment of games, Pokies.

Over the years software developers have really gone to town on developing pokies, which are so in-depth and entertaining, they could be mistaken for video games. Not only have the likes of Playtech and Microgaming joined forces with movie producers such as MGM, Universal Studios and Marvel they have made pokies that are interactive, meaning certain bonus rounds are dictated by the players actions.

Today's pokie machines have enhanced storybooks and much more wagering opportunities than the pokie machine of yesterday. We have listed some of the most popular online pokies below; feel free to click through on the pokie game of interest to read an in-depth game review.


Playtech Pokies

Playtech has been a leader in the online gaming development sector for years. They have been the leader for a very good reason, the pokies Playtech produce are some of the best online pokies available on the internet.

Each game concept/storybook is well thought out and brilliantly executed leaving the end user; the pokie player with the best online playing experience possible.  Playtech took their development skill to another level by partnering up with well known movie producers, Universal Studios, MGM and Marvel to produce what we now know to be the most played pokies online.

Marvel Themed Pokies


Marvel themed pokies were first seen on the internet in 2009. Playtech created a line of  Pokies which included titles such as The Fantastic Four, Blade and The Incredible Hulk. Since then we've seen the list of Mavel pokies grow from strength to strength. Each themed game is based on the movie releases including amazing bonus rounds and free spin rounds. Click below to read our reviews of the most popular Marvel themed games

Microgaming Pokies

There's two online software developers that over the years have really stood out. We've covered Playtech already, The other major contributor to furthering pokie development and the overall entertainment factor we enjoy and that's software developers; Microgaming. Microgaming first came onto the scene in 1994 and since then has been at the cutting edge of technology in online pokie entertainment. Be it mobile or tablet play or live dealer games, you can bet Microgaming has had a hand to play making each gaming vertical as enjoyable as possible. Below we review some of the most popular Microgaming pokies available to Australians.

Net Entertainment was founded in 1996 however they became an industry name in 2000 when they launched their own proprietary/ in-house casino software. In 2002 Net Entertainment signed its first software licensee and the rest is history. Today, Net Entertainment is a leading supplier of online pokies and another software provider, providing enjoyable pokies to Australians.