Terminator 2

terminator 2 pokie

Terminator 2 is a sequel of the Terminator. It is a 1991 science fiction film featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Terminator 2 is a story of Sarah Connor and his son John, who must try and hide from the shape shifting T-1000 cyborg that has been sent by the leader of The Machine revolution to hunt and kill John.

John was the man to lead the human revolution that would in 2024 take back planet earth from the machines. The Terminator is also sent back in time to aid and protect John and his mother Sarah. It is a race against time. Man vs. Machine. Who will survive?

The Terminator is back. Microgaming is the company that got all the daunting tasks to bring back a decade old character back to life and oh boy! They did it. In a nutshell, Terminator 2 is a five-reel online slot game with two exciting bonus features and numerous ways to win.

The slot is a production of Microgaming. As it has become standard with Microgaming, there’s no compromise on the graphics quality. The game has some realistic animations and robotic noises that complement the equally high graphics.

The game has what would be termed as amazing overlays and high definition symbols. The symbols in use include Mr Terminator (Arnold), Sarah Connor, the T-1000 among an assortment of characters drawn from the movie



Terminator 2 slots is just one of the slots using the new 243 ways to win concept instead of using paylines. In this concept, instead of a player worrying about the number of pay lines, the player gets to make just one single bet which covers all the “pay lines”. The number 243 is gotten from the mathematical probability that the maximum number of “pay lines” in a five-reel video screen is 243.

The slot has very flexible betting levels that will surely suit the budget of any online player. Budget players can bet as little as 30 cents while high rollers can try the $30 bet. The game has features that can make wins as high as $88,000!

Game Bonuses and Free Spins

The T-1000 symbol might be John and Sarah’s worst nightmare, but it should get you excited when you see it on your game screen. This symbol represents the biggest way to win in Terminator 2. But the symbol that will get you all excited is the scatter.

The Scatter symbol awards ten free spins just by landing one. During the free spins, winnings get even easier. The free spin screen has a 5x4 reel set with a total of 1,024 winning ways! Landing the T-1000 symbol during the free spins transforms to any other symbol to form the best winning combination on the particular game screen.

The free spin feature is certainly the most lucrative feature in the game. From having 5x4 reel set to having a whopping 2,950x multiplier that can turn your small wager into a gold mine. The only disadvantage of Terminator 2 is the conspicuous lack of a progressive jackpot. We expected that his game should be part of a progressive jackpot given its popularity.