Three Reel Pokies vs Five Reel Pokies

Australian online casinos normally have a large selection of online pokies, normally you will find three reel classic pokies, themed pokies, progressive pokies and jackpot pokies. Near enough all the pokies apart from three reel classic pokies are based on five reels with multiple paylines. The bigger the amount of reels and paylines to the bigger the features of the online slot machine.

The majority of players used to think five reel online pokies would be much harder to hit a jackpot based on having two extra reels. This would be true if online pokies didn’t have an RNG system. All todays online pokies use a random number generator which has a microchip as its base component similar to that of a household computer however rather than this microchip running several programs at once, the microchip embedded in the online slot machine is dedicated to producing thousands of random numbers per second, even when the reels of the machine are not turning. As soon as the spin button is hit the Random Number Generator determines where the reels will stop this obviously means the results would differ a second before the spin button is hit and a second after. This becomes very interesting since no one knows when the jackpot could hit and if it’s just going to be hit once in a short time period. The only element in the online slot is the per-determined pay-out percentage which is normally set between 97% and 98% this is the amount paid out over a period of time and millions of spins which goes back to the players.

For me, I prefer five reel Pokies based on the fact that the majority of new online pokies being released are five reel rather than three, secondly you’ll find a lot more features playing a five reel slot plus amazing bonus rounds which trigger more bonus rounds. Some of the five reel Pokies being released today are adult type video games wrapped around the concept of an online slot machine.

However, some people prefer no trills online pokies without the flashing lights and without the bonus rounds, three reel pokies offer this. Three reel pokies are also really good for new online pokies players to get an understanding of basic online slot play.