Progressive Pokies

Progressive pokies are entertaining, easy to learn how to play and possibly life-changing; they are Australia’s most popular type of game to play. Progressive jackpots originally started in online slot machines and video poker games; now they are becoming so popular, they have been introduced to other online casino games, such as blackjack and roulette. A progressive jackpot is where the value will increase in small increments, every time the game is played. This will continue to occur until a player wins the jackpot; the amount will then be reset to a minimum level, decided by the casinos themselves. Normally the players are only eligible to win the jackpot if they play the maximum bet per game; any other players that pay less than the maximum bet will not be able to win but their money will still be entered into the jackpot. Players are advised not to take part in progressive slots with anything less than the maximum bet, as it is not possible to receive any cash prizes. The jackpot is normally won by the best combination, for example: a royal flush at poker or all of the highest valued symbols on a pokie. Many of the online progressive games offer over one million dollars; making this type of gaming very popular as the players can win a life- changing amount of money.

Progressive blackjack is very similar to the standard blackjack; the main difference being that a player will place an extra $1 bet which entitles them to be able to win the jackpot. The combination of pre- chosen cards will allow the player to win a cash prize; from a couple of dollars to the entire pot. All of these payouts depend on each individual online casino. It is advised not to play a progressive pokie game which has recently won a jackpot; this is simply because there will be a far smaller pot to win, than a progressive pokie pot which has collected a much larger jackpot. Bonus rounds are usually displayed on the screen; this could be a game where the player chooses a symbol to double their money. A wide progressive pokie machine is the type of machine a player should play. Microgaming has this option; all of the games they have provided to online casinos are linked together, resulting in an enormous overall jackpot that can be won. The biggest payout on a progressive machine was from a Microgaming pokie called ‘Mega Moolah’, the player received a single payout of AU$8.015 million. The jackpots can become so large that they can easily favour the player, not many games give the chance for a player to have an edge on the house. The best way to play the progressive pokie machine is to play as many spins as you can, all depending on your budget; the more spins you play, the more chance of receiving that large pot of money. These online progressive pokie games will always have the amount of the current jackpot on the same screen as the game itself, this means the player can see the jackpot increase every single second.