Online Pokie Tips

Tip 1: Know your Paytables


It is not by chance that this is the first tip. Paytables are meant to explain how the pokie works. It informs you on the winning combinations and how much they are worth. As much as you cannot use the information in the paytables to influence your bet income, you can use it to determine the best paying game. Always start with lowest size and increase to a higher coin size if you are winning. Remember the longer you play without risking additional money from your own pocket, the better your chances of lining up that winning combination. Additionally, use the paytables to establish whether you need to bet a specific number of coins to gain access to the highest paying jackpots.

Tip 2: Consider the number of paylines to play


The higher the number of paylines the more expensive the game is but it also means you have many different ways to win – more of a double edged sword. Typically, playing all lines will give you access to the jackpots. Make your choice on the number of paylines that will comfortably fit your budget. More paylines are not always advantageous.

Tip 3: Choose your Jackpots wisely


Small Jackpots are easier to win, and this increases your chances of winning besides having to put small amount of money on the line. Bigger jackpots are riskier and harder to win.

Tip 4: Understand the Gambler’s Fallacy


Set a specific number of spins your willing to make without winning before your leave the game. For example, if you set fifty spins, be disciplined and change the pokie if you haven’t won within the number of spins set. If the online pokie you are playing provides data on the wins and losses, don’t be deceived by continuing playing the same pokie that's not  paid its jackpot. Remember a pokie uses a random number generator.

Tip 5: Go for a theme you enjoy


Statistically speaking, your choice of theme will not affect your chances of winning. Choosing a theme you love helps you to keep your mind in the game and may protect you from falling prey to the gambler’s fallacy discussed above. If it is fun you really want to have playing online pokies, choose a theme that interests you.

Tip 6: Best payout pokies


Well, different online pokies have different payout percentage. The government of Australia has fixed payout at 87%. However, some online pokies have set payout as high as 99%. In fact, most online pokies have a payout range of 90-99%. This makes it more advantageous to play pokies online than play in land casinos. A number of Australian online casinos have set their pokies machines to pay as high as 97%.

Tip 7: Make use of Auto play and Gamble features


The autos play and gamble features have found their way to most multilined online pokies. Now it all depends on you to choose the right feature to employ at the right time.

The Auto play feature comes in handier when you have a bigger budget. The Auto play feature gives you a chance to program the way you want to wager, coin size and bets per line. You can set auto play to continue playing until a bonus feature is triggered, or you run out of credits. Remember the auto play feature still follows the rule of chance.

On the other hand, the gamble feature helps increase your winnings after a regular win. The gamble feature is only available for use after a win from normal play. After a win, you may want to gamble your winnings by clicking the gamble button. In some cases, certain pokies will present with a card facing down and you may choose to guess the color of your card (this doubles your win). If you are feeling extremely lucky, you may opt to quadruple your winnings by guessing the suit the card belongs to.

Tip 8: 3 reels vs. 5 reels vs. Progressive Pokies


Your choice of the number of reels to choose is determined by your idea of risk and reward. Note that, the higher the risk, the greater the reward, but, the lower the chances of getting the reward. Three reel pokies otherwise known as "Classic Pokies" will have low volatility and thus they payout often (small payouts though). Five reel pokies will have a higher volatility they payout less often (bigger payouts)  but have more  features, such as multiple bonus rounds and multipliers and free spins. Five reel pokies are by far the most popular pokie machine.

Tip 9: Join a Casino’s Loyalty Club

Most online casinos have loyalty clubs that players can join. Members of loyalty clubs enjoy numerous tailored promotions and bonuses. Being a member of VIP/Loyalty club means that the more you wager the more you are awarded. Awards include free cash comps/bonuses, higher game limits and invites to various tournaments or competitions.



Tip 10: Be Responsible

Online pokie casinos are meant to be fun. They are a great source of entertainment however based on the fact that the online pokie player is wagering real money its important to be conscious of not wagering more than your budget will allow.