Frequently Asked Questions:

In this section we answer some of the most common questions asked regarding online pokies, where to play them and how to enjoy each game to its fullest.

  • Is playing online pokies safe?

Absolutely, all online pokies casinos found here on Online Pokies Australia are fully licensed, secure and responsible online casino operators. Pokies which can be played at each online pokie casino recommended here on Online Pokies Australia use the RNG’s (Random Number Generators) which cannot be tampered with.

  • What happens to my private information once I join an online casino?

All private information is encrypted and completely secure, the only time the online pokie casino might use the information you enter is to verify/crosscheck you are who you say you are upon processing a withdrawal.

  • I’m a bit nervous inputting Credit Card information.

The online pokie casinos recommended here on Online Pokies Australia all use the same type of encryption used by all high street and online financial institutions.

  • So I’ve won $5000 but the online casino are asking me for ID?

Like all land based casinos, Lotteries or any wager based win/reward the online pokie casino has to verify who you say you are. The casinos recommended here on Online Pokies Australia will ask you for photo ID and a utility bill in most cases. Each new casino member will only have to do this once.

  • So I’ve decided I want my online pokies account closed

Simply contact the online casino support you a member of and request that your account be closed. Normally the casino support representative will ask you why you would like to close your account. Be honest, if your finding your spending more than your budget allows, the support staff can place a monthly limit on your account. However if your finding that the entertainment is becoming more of an addiction, the online support staff will take the responsible role of blocking your account indefinitely. If you find yourself in this position, after closing your account contact Gambling Help Online. Gambling Help Online representatives are available 7 days a week 24hrs a day.

If you have any specific questions and you think we can help, please get in contact with us. We'll be happy to help if we can.