Iron Man


Iron Man is a comical character developed by Marvel. Iron Man has featured in comics, animations, and movie series all going by the same name. Iron Man has also featured in the Movie series by the name Avengers, which stars most of the Marvel superheroes.



Iron man film was first released as a film in May 2008 and following its tremendous success Marvel announced two more Iron Man movies. Iron Man was well received by audience from all over the world, and it topped Box Office for the better part of 2008. It now marks the first installment of the Marvel cinematic universe.

Iron Man is a story of Tony Stark, a billionaire, engineer and industrialist. Stark suffers a life-threatening chest injury when getting kidnapped. His kidnappers want him to make WMDs, but he instead uses the facilities to build himself a body armour suit that he uses to escape his captors.

After his successful escape, Stark reinforces his powered suits with technological devices and state of the art weapons. Stark uses the improved suit anonymously to protect the world against attacks from terrorists and criminals alike.

The Iron Man slots game is, of course, inspired by the movie. Like all other Marvel slots, Iron Man is developed by Playtech. Therefore, it is included in the Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpots network, where players get the chance to win any of the four progressive jackpots available. Iron Man slot was released in 2009 and has a sequel titled Iron Man 2 and another one titled Iron Man 3.