Iron Man 2


Iron Man is a comical character developed by Marvel. Iron Man has featured in comics, animations, and movie series all going by the same name. Iron man has also featured in the Movie series by the name Avengers, which stars most of the Marvel superheroes.


Iron man was first released as a film in May 2008 and following its tremendous success Marvel announced Iron Man 2. Iron Man 2 hit the theatres in 2010 a sequel of the original Iron Man and the third installment of the Marvel cinematic universe.

Iron Man 2 is set 6 months after the last event of Iron Man. Tony Stark, the man in the Iron Man suit, has already exposed his identity as the person controlling the Iron suit. The American government wants Tony Stark to hand over the technology for military use, but he is reluctant.

Meanwhile, the rascal Russian scientist, Ivan Vanko, has used the same technology to build his suits in order to accomplish his personal vendetta against Stark. Ivan teams up with Stark’s rival, Justin Hammer, and Iron Man must stop them before they stop him! Behold this is Iron Man 2!



The Iron Man 2 slots game is, of course, inspired by the movie. Like all other Marvel slots, Iron Man 2 is developed by Playtech. Therefore, it is included in the Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpots network, where players get the chance to win any of the four progressive jackpots available.

The Iron Man 2 slot game is a five-reel and 25 pay lines game that offers a real gameplay along an incredible selection of High Definition graphics and surround sound. The slot game uses characters from the movie alongside the traditional Jack, King, Queen and Ace symbols.

There are many neat features that make Iron Man 2 slot more attractive as compared to other slot games in the series. This includes the scatter symbols, stacked symbols, wild symbols, multipliers, extra wilds and free spins just to mention a few.

Iron Man 2 Wild Symbol

I know you have already guessed by now that the wild symbol is the Iron Man himself. Guess what? You guessed wrong. The wild Symbol in Iron Man 2 if the Eagle! I guess the Eagle was chosen as a wild symbol to represent the U.S government.

The American government plays a significant role in Iron Man 2. The Eagle symbol can replace all other symbols except the scatter symbol! This means that you can create winning combinations with the wild symbols and other symbols in use.

Iron Man 2 Scatter Symbol

I know you don’t want to guess the scatter symbol after you got disappointed by your earlier guess. Well, the scatter symbol in Iron Man 2 is the same as the scatter symbol in Iron Man, The Iron Man Logo.

When you manage to land three Iron Man 2 symbols, you will get rewarded with 10 free spins. By the time you finish the ten free spins, chances are you will trigger bonus symbols that make your winnings even bigger.

Iron Man 2 Bonus Game

The Iron Man 2 jackpot bonus game will send shots of thrill across your body due to the rewards lying in wait. The bonus Jackpot game is triggered randomly and automatically at any given time of the game regardless of the spin.

Although the jackpot is triggered randomly, there is a high chance of hitting the jackpot by choosing a higher wager and maximum number of pay lines. A maximum bet has a higher chance of hitting the jackpot than any other bet.

There are many different and exciting features available to players playing the Iron Man 2 slots. For instance, when you land two scatter symbols on two reels, you get more free spins, and this increases your chances of winning tremendously.

You will also want to check out the expanding stacked and wild symbols. If you get the Blue and Yellow Iron Man suits stacked on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels you increase your winnings tremendously. These symbols also expand on the reels making your winnings incredibly high!