King Kong


The mighty King Kong is a fictional character that was developed by Universal and is featured in a blockbuster movie with the same name. King Kong is a huge gorilla who holds New York City under siege and tries to destroy the city.


Playtech brings the 25 feet prehistoric and the rapacious creature to a slot near you. The game is a five-reel 20 pay-line slot game with fantastic features and numerous bonuses. Playtech is one game developer that never compromises on the quality of graphics and surround sounds.

Playtech is an online casino solutions provider that is second only to Microgaming. They are famous for the production of the Marvel series of slots and their huge progressive jackpots. Games by Playtech are available both in native application mode and a browser based version.

King Kong employs the characters found in the movie. The slot game features the characters like Ann Darrow, the dangerous King Kong, Jack Driscoll, the Kong Logo, Carl Denham and Captain Engleherm. On top of those characters, the slot utilizes the traditional card suits of 10, Jack, King, Queen, and Ace.

King Kong slot has a wide range of betting options ranging from 1 cent to $100. This means that regardless of your budget, you can enjoy playing a game of King Kong. Since it is a 20 pay lines game, you can cover all the pay lines for a minimum of $0.20. And if you feel lucky enough, and you can afford the money, then you can bet $100 per line or $2,000 maximum bet.

Bonus Rounds


He is huge, he is wild, and he is a wild symbol! The king Kong symbol can be replaced with any other symbol to form a winning combination. However, the wild symbol cannot be replaced with the scatter symbol – Kong Logo.

The Kong Logo is the second best thing that can happen to you in the Mighty King Kong slot game. Landing a Kong Logo means winning big. Landing 3 or more Kong Logo symbols earns you crazy multipliers.

If you hit 3 Kong Logos, your total stake is multiplied by two. For example, if you had staked 2,000 coins, you get 4,000 coins when you hit three Kong Logos. Landing 4 and 5 Kong Logos gets you 10x and 100x multipliers. Furthermore, when you hit three or more scatter symbols, you will be treated to a super-thrilling action.

King Kong will take you across merciless cities and ravening jungles. But amidst the dangers, there are numerous bonus features. There are several bonus features that you should explore. And guess what? These features will reward you big time!

Jungle Mode

By default, you will be ushered into the Jungle Mode that offers you two bonus rounds to try out. If you land three or more King Kong symbols, you activate the Wild Jungle re-spins. When the beast goes wild, it stacks on the reels until the round ends.

If you are lucky enough to get a minimum of 3 Kong Logos in Jungle mode, then you should be ready to take out the ravenous creatures from Skull Island Bonus. At Skull Island, you get to choose a specific location on a map to win instant cash prizes! When you match any 3 creatures from Skull Island or the Mighty King Kong, you either get 10x, 15x, 20x or 30x multiplier.

When you survive the dangers of Skull Island, you are ushered into the Big City mode…

Big City Mode


So you thought that Jungles are dangerous? Then you haven’t tried the Big City Mode. In Big City Mode, you have two bonuses worth dying for. In this mode, you get to enjoy massive discounts and bonus features.

The free spins come with all manner of special features. During the first free spin, the 1st and the 5th reel go wild, in the second free spin the 2nd and 4th reels go wild and during the third free spin the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reels all go wild.


If you are looking for a slot game that is both thrilling and pays generously, then King Kong is that slot. In summary, the slot offers you flexible betting options and numerous bonus features.